Our Story


It may have taken them a while, but Kristen and Austin found it with each other and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Despite living in California, they both hail from the East Coast, which almost assuredly had an impact on their affinity for each other. Kristen grew up in Marshfield, MA, a cozy and coastal Boston suburb while Austin was raised in various parts of Connecticut – and a little bit of Tokyo.

They may not have known what the other was planning in 2008 when they each decided to move to San Francisco, but they were almost and effectively planning it together. Kristen had had enough of San Diego, Austin the same of Connecticut; and so onward they both went to start their lives anew in the Bay City. They met in 2009 while attending graduate school at the University of San Francisco. Their romance didn’t blossom until a year into school when mutual friends led them to each other. Whatever initial resistance on Kristen’s part was quickly dashed away by Austin’s patience, persistence and, he insists, charm.

They quickly grew together, and Austin was only biding his time until he found a ring and got on one knee. After a little less than two years, Austin nervously and excitedly surprised Kristen on an ordinary Wednesday evening – it was all about the surprise for him. And surprising no one, Kristen cried. But eventually she composed herself enough to say yes and Austin was both ecstatic and relieved. They treated themselves to a beautiful dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and immediately started thinking about the big day.

Kristen and Austin can’t wait until 07-13-13 arrives, to see all their friends and family and to truly (and legally) spend the rest of their lives together.

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