Where to Stay

Heavenly Village, a beautiful and quaint mountainside town popular with tourists and locals alike, is the best option for accommodations. It sits at the base of one of the most popular ski resorts in Lake Tahoe and offers visitors everything from beaches and restaurants to shopping and casinos (Nevada!). Here are the best options for where to stay.

Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hotel & Casino

We’ve reserved a discounted rate at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hotel & Casino, which is 20% off the regular rate ($175-$300) for Friday and Saturday night and 30% off the regular rate ($70-$160) for Monday-Thursday nights. Use code “SWED13” at checkout. If you have any trouble at all, please contact Jamie Duhart at the hotel at 775-788-3045 and reference Amoroso/Jentzen wedding.

Park Tahoe Inn

If you’re looking to spare your pockets, right across the street is the Park Tahoe Inn, a motel that is anything but. Rates vary from $100/night for a King Single to $225/night for a two-room suite.

House Rentals

To experience the true Tahoe, we highly encourage you to group together with friends (or even just a couple) and rent a house. There are many vacation rentals in the Tahoe area that can comfortably fit anywhere from 2 to 20. Buckingham Tahoe Rentals specialize in the South Lake Tahoe area, but options are limited. For more choices, check out VRBO and HomeAway and search for destinations including South Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Valley, Glenbrook, Stateline, Kingsbury, Cave Rock and Zephyr Cove, among others.

Shuttle & Parking

When booking please keep in mind that the wedding will take place at Austin’s parents’ home in Glenbrook, NV and shuttles will be provided in between the wedding site and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hotel at 18 Highway 50, Stateline, NV (about a 10 minute drive). Parking space is extremely limited at the wedding site, so we would appreciate everyone using the shuttle or taking a cab to the festivities. We would prefer to not have to call cabs after the wedding and advise taking the shuttle to Harvey’s and grabbing a cab from there.